Farmers want registration of coffee farmers made voluntary

Coffee farmers and traders under their association Uganda quality coffee traders and processors association want registration of coffee farmers made voluntary.

They says this will erase the mixed feelings farmers have towards the national coffee bill 2018.

The chairman of the association Amos kasigi says that ever since farmers were made aware of the existence of the bill they have noted the negative misconceptions about the bill among farmers who believe registration is targeted at taxing their revenue as a result of licensing them.

Kasigi says that government should come out and inform farmers about the intentions of this registration and they should clearly spell out that it is not aimed at taxation.

Kasigi also says that government should separate the registration and licensing sections in the bill so that farmers can clearly know that registration is different from licensing.

Kasigi has also welcomed the issue of penalizing farmers who neglect their gardens in the bill as they will bring order and compliance which will subsequently improve quality of coffee but says that penalties suggested in the bill are too harsh and have instead called for sensitization of farmers so that they can improve.