Kampala Investor to lose wetland title – Lands Ministry

Ministry of lands is to cancel the land title of an investor seen constructing in Lubigi wetland in Kampala

The lands state minister Persis Namuganza notes that the investor violated the terms given to his by name when at the time he was issued the title by extending to the area he was allocated

Minister Namuganza says that the investor has been constructing a poultry farm without observing the said terms
So they are to meet all the concerned authorities to either implement their decision

The wetland is an important feature protecting the areas of Wakiso, Mpigi and Kampala districts from floods and if destroyed, it could pose danger to more than three million people.

Kampala Capital City Authority admitted giving the investor part of the land to put up a warehouse near the National Water and Sewerage Cooperation treatment plant.

While the Water and Environment Ministry said the investor has acquired an Environmental Impact Assessment Permit, the National Environment Management Authority denies it.