Annoying me? Look for serious issues, Museveni tells police

President Yoweri Museveni says the law about annoying the person of the president is a colonial law and he doesn’t mind being annoyed

Museveni notes that the issue of arresting people is not about the annoying the president but rather telling lies, incitement among others

He says he will direct police to concentrate on serious issues rather than annoying him

Section 29 of the Penal Code sets a life-sentence for anyone found guilty of annoying, alarming or ridiculing the president.

Museveni says he is to direct the Inspector General of Police to give an account the recent murders in the country

This followed a question imposes to him by journalists while addressing the about the country’s security situation given the high number of murder cases

Last week, police arrested journalist-turned Pentecostal pastor, Joseph Kabuleta for uttering ‘grossly offensive messages’ under his weekly ‘Kabuleta’s Weekly Rants’ posts supplied via social media.

He referred to Mr Museveni as a liar and a gambler.

He was released on police bond on Tuesday.