Migrant workers defend Middle East opportunities

Ugandans working in Middle East countries oppose proposals to ban exportation of labor to the region over reports of torture and violation of their rights by their employers.

The countries include the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Qatar and Afghanistan saying that decision is uninformed.

Calls for a ban followed a new report presented to parliament by Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze after she aided the return of over 50 Ugandan women who had been stranded in the Middle East.

The workers under their umbrella “Migrant Workers’ Voice” note that more than 70,000 Ugandans are employed there and have greatly contributed to the country’s foreign exchange. They say, this should make the government get solutions to their challenges.

They cite problems like delayed salaries, lack of access to health at their work places, absence of state representatives in some countries where they can report to, in case of any problem among others are problems authorities should address instead of banning labor exportation.

Workers in the Middle East send back home more than 70,000 dollars every month, according to the Ministry of Gender Labour and Community Development.