Agriculture sector says it’s trillion is too small

The agriculture sector decries the low government funding to the sector for next year, despite raising it by about almost 200 billion shillings to 1 trillion.

Pelum Uganda which advocates for better agriculture environment say, the funding remains at 2.5 percent of the 40 trillion-shilling budget just like in the outgoing year when total budget was 32 trillion.

Hellen Kasujja, Pelum Uganda Vice Chair says there is need for government to make specific pronouncements of funds to specific agriculture activities.

The government has always insisted that agriculture is one of the major beneficiaries of the infrastructure investments like energy, roads and water projects.

Ms Kasujja wonders why the health and education sectors are given directly funding and they take a big chunk of the budget, yet, when it comes to agriculture, the money is allegedly passed through other sectors like roads.

She says the budget speech by the minister does not reflect the theme ‘Industrialization for Job Creation and Shared Prosperity’ because Agriculture, the biggest employer, is still under-funded.

At the same event, Economist Dr Fred Muhumuza urged agriculture sector leaders to learn to take advantage of the investments in other sectors, to move theirs, like the tourism sector leverages on good roads, ICT and security to grow.

Muhumuza says if agriculture was as functional as say, tourism, it would be performing better than it is.