Manufacturers of plastics to sue NEMA over Tuve ku kaveera campaign

Manufacturers of plastics threaten to drag the environment body to court for sabotaging their business

Under the Uganda Plastic Manufacturers and recyclers association, they accuse National Environment Management Authority and other entities of leading a campaign urging the public to desist from using plastic bags so as to protect the environment.

The Spokesperson Uganda Plastic Manufacturers and re-cyclers association Moses Ategeka says NEMA has even misled religious leaders mainly during this year’s martyr’s day celebrations urging them to announce a ban on plastic bags at both the Anglican and Catholic shrine

Ategeka notes that the ‘Tuve ku Kaveera’  is affecting their market hence likely to incur loses as a result

But NEMA Spokesperson Naome Karekaho says the new law banning 30 microns threshold that they say has been violated  hasn’t commenced.