Inorganic fertilizers & Pesticides , a risk to the agricultural sector -Farmers

Farmer’s leadership shows concern over the huge number of  farmers who have failed to take the necessary precautions while using inorganic fertilizers and pesticides hence negatively impacting on the quality of their produce.

This comes as Uganda faces a number of warnings from the European Union that its agricultural produce contains strains of pesticides hence risk facing a ban.

Under the Eastern & Southern Africa Farmer’s Forum (ESAFF) Uganda, the farmers most of the farmers donot take prescriptions hence contaminating crops

speaking during the National Agro-ecology Actors Symposium at Silver Springs Hotel, ESAFF-Uganda Chairperson Hakim Baliraine said it’s against this background that the farmer’s leadership proposes that inorganic fertilizers or pests be controlled or abandoned to save the sector

In the meantime, Speaking at the same event, the Country Co-ordinator Pelum Uganda Stella Lutalo implored government to put in place policies that facilitate agro-ecology farming system for better yields and marketing of Uganda’s agricultural products internationally.

Lutalo say agro-ecology should be adopted as an alternative farming system to address the problem of food insecurity and also withstand the threat of climate change

They note that the system helps farmers work with nature and come up with their own solutions to rising matters