MP SSegona pushes on with Bill despite pressure from opposition colleagues

The shadow minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs also Busiro East Mp Medard Ssegonna Lubega is urging the opposition to embrace a bill that seeks to have the Leader of Opposition elected saying it will promote democracy.

Over the weekend, the opposition in parliament held a retreat at which some members expressed concern over this bill known as “the Administration of parliament Act amendment bill 2019” that was tabled by Kabale Municiplaity Mp Baryayanga Aja with Segonna as one of his seconders.

Ssegonna tells Radio One that he remains focused on the merits of the bill which includes promoting democracy at parliament.

He says that the party with the majority seats on the opposition side will be required to forward 3 names such that members of the opposition can vote for a person they have confidence in to lead them.

According to Baryayanga, the current law lacks fairness because it allocates one position on the parliamentary commission to the backbench members of opposition yet the ruling NRM has three positions.

“Furthermore, the provision did not take into account the existence of other shades of opinion in parliament including the Independent members and special-interest groups.

This state of affairs has led to the subjugation of the views of the opposition and other shades of opinion on the Commission considering that the other members of the Commission, being the Speaker, the Minister responsible for Finance, the Prime minister and the three backbench members of the Commission are drawn from the party in Government,” Baryayanga argued.