Horn of Africa states for increased funding against conflict

Member states of the Inter-governmental Authority on Development, IGAD, meet in Uganda to share experiences with EU with a call for more funding to be in position to manage the increasing conflicts in the region.

According to the IGAD Coordinator mediation support Unit Dr. Garang Aleu says that despite the efforts in place to resolve the conflicts in the Horn of Africa states it’s still a challenge to the secretariat to give a supporting hand in terms of funds.

He talks about the delayed frame works in implementing peace in countries where conflicts have existed citing South Sudan hence calling on stakeholders to expedite the process of implementation for peace.

In his opening remarks at Sheraton hotel the State minister for Regional cooperation Philemon Mateke identifies the inclusion of women and youths in conflict prevention, peace building and decision making as a crucial element as the IGAD member states share experiences as peer to peer with the EU.

Mateke explains that as the region yarns for sustainable peace and development there is need to include all stakeholders in nation building processes and also respect their democratic rights to participate in governance.

He goes ahead to tell how dialogue and mediations have helped to bring change in political leadership in countries that include South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

Meanwhile the EU Ambassador Attilio Pacifici says that the sharing of experiences facilitates the efforts to attain peace and security and also address the challenges faced.

He also puts it that the EU is interested in the involvement of Youths in the processes that aim at achieving peace and conflict resolution.