Women movements intensify campaign against violence

The women movement in Uganda has continued to amplify the need for various stakeholders to support the struggle to fight violence against women in the country which they say is instead increasing.

During the Annual women March at Naguru that attracted a number of women activists and organizations the National Coordinator White Ribbon Alliance Robinah Biteeyi indicated that women in this country still need to be given space to sound their needs.

Its against this background White Ribbon Alliance has launched a campaign dubbed, ”What Women Want” to garner , targeting 100,000 women in two years time.

Biteeyi challenges the media fraternity to give a platform to all women especially those that are victims of violence.

Meanwhile women went ahead to share their experiences where they narrated the violence they have gone through that still torments them.

Many of these women blame the violence to the silence of society that has given room to the culprits to walk away with it leaving the victims in dilemma.

They demand that culture, religious and political leaders work together to end the violence especially sexual violence against women in every environment they leave.

Story by

Eva Namugabi