• Uganda launches NTB reporting system

    Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde commissions the Non- tariff barriers reporting system, a mobile phone and email based system for reporting barriers to trade. Under the system, traders will be able to report any barrier by dialing the code *201# and the complaint will be sent to the ministry of trade

  • Ebola: Uganda on the look out

    The Ministry of Health says it has stepped up efforts to ensure that the country is safe from the Ebola outbreak which is widespread in some West African countries. The Ministry says that it has deployed focal teams at major border posts and Entebbe International Airport where a special desk

  • Kabaka calls for value addition on agricultural products

    Buganda’s King Ronald Mutebi II asks leaders to encourage Ugandans to engage in farming and also sensitive them about modern farming methods to promote agriculture. He asks Parliamentarians to lobby Government for Processing machinery for fruits and other products that will help Ugandans compete favorably ad benefit from agriculture. He

  • Crane Bank speaks out on disappearance of its top bosses

    Crane Bank refutes reports that it’s Managing Director A.R Kalani and two other top bosses are on the run after taking off with the bank’s money in a range of 18 million US dollars. Yesterday there were reports that the bank’s managing director fled to the United Kingdom after conspiring

  • UCC wants public to report users of unregistered sim cards

    The Uganda Communications Commission rallies the public to act as whistle-blowers and report individuals using unregistered sim cards. The Commission’s Executive Director Godfrey Mutabaazi says whistleblowers will help the commission reinforce its efforts of tracing unregistered sim cards. Mutabaazi adds that this will also help them reprimand telecommunications service providers

  • Govt structures key in program implementation

    State minister for finance in charge of privatization Aston Kajara highlights the importance of using local government structures in rolling out government programs. Kajara says this has been exhibited by the Uganda National Bureau of Statistics that has trained district officials and those from other government departments to roll out