• Opposition demands for reforms within the policeforce

    Opposition in parliament say the country needs to hold urgent reforms to ensure that colonial tendencies within the police force are eliminated, and that the militarization of the force is also stopped. Shadow minister for internal affairs, also Butambala county MP Muwanga Kivimbi says that even after Uganda got independence,

  • 36 NGO’s offices broken into in one year

    A new survey indicates that 36 Non Government Organisation’s offices have been broken into in the last one year and property lost hence hampering activities of these organizations. The survey documented by Defenders Protection Initiative indicates shows that   18 of NGO offices broken into are in Kampala and the rest

  • Interpol wants export of labor halted

    Director of Interpol in Uganda Ass. Inspector General of Police Assan Kasingye wants externalization of labor halted, until policy measures are taken to stop the bad trend where Ugandans are being cheated and abused. Kasingye says it’s disturbing that even labor companies that are registered, are also among those sending

  • Legal brains want Ugandans to get free legal assistance

    Legal Brains want government to incorporate the right to Legal Aid Services in the Ugandan constitution, to ensure that the indigent are not denied the right of Access to Justice by their economic status. Word of this comes as legal professionals from the region gather in Kampala at Imperial Royale

  • Anti graft campaigners want a ceiling on campaign money

    Anti corruption campaigners are pushing for measures to fight graft in the Electoral Process proposing that a ceiling be put on the amount of money a candidates are allowed to use during the campaign process. They are concerned that many people who steal resources use the funds to run expensive

  • Railway workers down their tools

    Rift Valley Railway workers in Uganda are on strike accusing management of breaching agreements they signed in 2012 on enhancement of salaries and paying all workers being laid off under the companies program According to the General Secretary of the Uganda Railway workers union Victor Byemura the company has been