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  • Kizito Kayiira

    Kizito Kayiira

    A talented actor and graduate of MDD from Makerere University Kampala, Kizito Kayiira co hosts..

  • SaraLee


    Sacrifices time away from her family to spend evenings with you soothing you after a..

  • Jude Bukenya

    Jude Bukenya

    ‘Ekiraka’ (filler) for many presenters when they can’t make it, Jude also hosts the Ebirwa..

  • Sports Commentors

    Sports Commentors

    Micheal Kigozi, Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo, Ivan Kalanzi and Dumba Sulaiman bring all the soccer action..

  • Jude Mutaawe

    Jude Mutaawe

    Best known as a newsreader, Jude also hosts a weekend show on Akaboozi.Quiet, soft spoken.

  • Eddie Muko

    Eddie Muko

    This human music encyclopedia is an OB of Segico Disco from days when music was..

  • Sarah Kabenge

    Sarah Kabenge

    Ardent Manchester United fan and follower/promoter of Ugandan Music.Her two sons are her life.Likes to..