• Torrential rains having a great impact on roads – Gen. Wamala

    The ministry of Works and Transport expresses concern over the damage being caused on infrastructure by the torrential rains in different parts of the country. The state minister of Works Gen Edward Katumba Wamala says that the extent of the damage has forced the minister of Works and Transport Engineer

  • Land probe to review summons to minister Amongi

    The Land Probe Commission Chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemereire says the Commission is going to renew its Witness Summons to the Minister of Lands Betty Amongi, to appear and throw more light on issues regarding the Land Fund. Justice Bamugemereire insists that the Minister who is reportedly out of the Country, but

  • Police arrests two people for faking a kidnap

    The police Flying Squad has arrested two people for faking a kidnap to get a ransom of shillings 3.5 million from their parents. Police received information about a missing person an 18 year Ansimire Peace a daughter to Rev. Fred Muhwezi of Bushenyi indicating that she had been kidnapped early

  • Environmental tax misused – MP Nambeshe

    Manjiya County MP John Baptist Nambeshe demands that government reimburses a much bigger percentage of money accrued from the environmental levy to addressing the emerging environmental challenges. In Uganda, the environmental tax is imposed on 10 year old motor vehicles and beyond w because they emit harmful smoke that pollutes

  • Mayiga opposes land commission on land tenure system

    Buganda Premier Charles Peter  Mayiga  tells  the  Land commission of Inquiry  that the Breakdown in government land Management  institutions  is accountable  for the  current  land  Crisis across the country. He  wants  the commission’s  attention to be driven to  the  Bureaucratic  land dispute  resolution mechanism  that  he says is frustrating   justice.

  • Uganda fails to comply with global environmental agreements – Report

    Uganda has failed to comply with global environmental agreements it has ratified , according to a recently conducted assessment. Uganda has ratified to 150 multi lateral environmental agreements, key among them Convention on international trade in endangered pieces of wildlife, flora and fauna, convention on bio diversity, convention on migration