• Children missing fathers’ mentoring – UN

    A Report by UNICEF indicates many fathers are struggling to play an active role in the lives of their children with many failing to find time to engage in early learning activities including playing or handling school work It shows that 55% of children aged between 3 and 4 years

  • Jailed for diverting telephone traffick

    A man who was arrested with Simcards he was using to intercept  international calls and receiving them as local calls, has been sentenced to one year in luzira prison for Electronic fraud.  Kasule Geoffrey was last week arraigned before the newly created  Standards, Utilities and Wildlife  court,  and he pleaded

  • Ugandans farmers to learn from Dutch counterparts

    The government of the Netherlands advises Uganda to concentrate on promotion of agricultural production, saying that is where it has comparative advantage. The Dutch Ambassador to Uganda Henk Jan Bakker says that is more resources are put especially into the human resource in the sector, to improve technical capacity, Uganda

  • Three netted with ivory

    Police in Mbale has arrested three People while in possession of 34.6kg of ivory worth 13.8 million shillings and counterfeit Ugandan Currency worth 500,000 shillings. Gibogi Justine 60 years old restaurant owner from North road cell, Northern Division, Mbale District, Simiyu Hussein 45 years old a house painter from Kisenyi

  • Budget does not address slowdown – experts.

    The Private Sector faults government for investing heavily into infrastructure when the economy needs immediate solutions to reverse its downward trend. Growth fell to 3.9 percent this year, down from 4.6 percent last year, as exports fell, agriculture production, private investment and industry all declined. Government is investing some 16