Rogue sitting presidents can be arrested-ICC Judge

The International criminal court vows to arrest Sudan President Omar El Bashir when the opportunity falls.

The ICC says it will not hesitate to arrest and prosecute Africa’s sitting heads of state accused of heinous crimes saying claims by the leaders that the Court is a creation to crush sovereignty are unfounded.

This comes as African leaders continue to oppose the warrant of arrest issued against Sudanese president Gen Omar El Bashir for crimes committed in the troubled Darfur region insisting that the move is against international jurisprudence and diplomatic immunity accorded to a sitting head of state diplomat or government official on official duty.

But according to Justice Daniel Nsereko a Ugandan Judge working in the appeals chamber at The Hague based international criminal court, under international agreements sovereignty of a country becomes subordinate.

Nsereko stresses that the Rome statute under which the ICC operates does not give special privileges to sitting heads of state as African leaders are claiming adding that even their other claims that the court is designed by the western powers to humiliate the African court are baseless since they themselves accepted the terms in the Rome statute.

This as he made a presentation entitled does Africa need the International Criminal court at a workshop on the implementation of the Rome statute at parliament.

Nsereko stresses that all African countries must support the court stressing that its the best way to end impunity and wars that are ravaging the continent adding that attempts to ridicule or destroy the court will be futile.

Justice Nsereko warns African leaders that the era of tyranny and bloodshed has come to an end and that the court will hold them accountable.