• Matalisi 12noon to 3.00pm

    Simon Kaggwa Njala As one approaches lunchtime, the mind seems to slow down. Matalisi is a moment of relaxing while at work. There is less serious talk but rather meaningful jokes, greetings, music and business information updates. Look out for Essungu, as listeners vent off!

  • Gunno Mulembe ki? 3.00-5.00pm

    Senga Najjemba and Noah Senyondo This is a family magazine highlighting challenges that face families today. There is a blend of the young and old generation focusing on cultural values and norms for a better family. Learn to make a new dish daily with Efumbiro lya leero.

  • Bandabire 5.00-8.00pm

    Kizito Kayiira and Uncle Kinejjulira A time to link up and get updates of news and events that have developed during the day. Sports updates and listeners’ views from the field visits make Bandabire a reliable place for information and entertainment as one winds up the day. Bumper ku bumper..

  • Kyogereko 8.00-9.00pm

    Makumbi Joseph and PK Bbosa A Talkshow of the topical issues of the day with studio guests from various walks of life. If it affects you, we’ll talk about it.

  • Muwumuza 9.00-12.00 midnight

    Saralee An evening blend of music, social talk, greetings, letters and counseling. After a long day at work, just the right mix to relax you and prepare you mentally for a new day.

  • Kalasamayanzi 9am-12noon:

    Michael Kisenyi A three hour interactive talk show designed to bring together people with a common goal of self improvement and self reliance. Topics discussed range from Agriculture, fishing, education, health, civil education and business. This is always a time to share and learn from one another. Don’t miss the..