• Kizito Kayiira

    A talented actor and graduate of MDD from Makerere University Kampala, Kizito Kayiira co hosts Bandabire with Uncle Kiine. He is also passionate about sports with a special leaning towards soccer.

  • Uncle Ssuuna Kinejulira

    Omulangila Ssuuna is popular of the kwanjula circuit where he has 30 years experience as a spokesman at introduction ceremonies. At 6 feet 2, he is a tower of energy and you can feel that energy on his Bandabire show every evening.

  • Joseph Makumbi

    This democrat is so passionate about politics to a point that he would one day like to lead his Kira Division and effect a lot of change and right what he feels is being done wrong. In the meantime, he is an alternative host for Kyogereko where he hosts different..

  • SaraLee

    Sacrifices time away from her family to spend evenings with you soothing you after a long day! The perfect companion for your bedtime.

  • Jude Bukenya

    ‘Ekiraka’ (filler) for many presenters when they can’t make it, Jude also hosts the Ebirwa byeerabilwa show on Saturday mornings.

  • Sports Commentors

    Micheal Kigozi, Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo, Ivan Kalanzi and Dumba Sulaiman bring all the soccer action right to your radio with captivating commentary, statistics, news and analysis every game day.