About Us

Akaboozi, also known as Radio Two is the only radio station with a Luganda Newstalk format in Uganda’s  Central Region.  This area covers over 1,200,000 households (over 30% of total Uganda households), over 80% of Uganda’s purchasing power and over 90% of Uganda’s vehicle fleet.

The programming targets Luganda speaking adults, (BC1C2).

Our Luganda Newstalk format focuses on meeting the news and education needs of Luganda-speaking adults, who have few alternative sources of information.

We focus on information, skills enhancement and social interaction needs of Luganda money-earning adults in the Golden Triangle, Uganda’s economic centre.

We have an emphasis on news and information i.e. over 80% of Radio Two broadcast.

Communication is 100% in Luganda, the major Ugandan vernacular) well understood and familiar to over 90% of adults in the “Golden  Triangle”.

Our frequency (87.9 FM) is the first active radio station on most car radios. Has best access to busy workers while they are “captive radio listeners” in the heavy traffic jams twice daily.

Interactive facilities –
We are right in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from the Constitutional Square and Post office.
We have an arrangement with Posta Uganda where by letters addressed to Akaboozi/Radio Two do not need stamps.
SMS platform
Social Media (Facebook)

Program Format :

(i) “Akaboozi”…. comments/information/analysis of news, current affairs, social and economic issues of the day.

(ii)  Luganda News…… on the hour, every hour (6 a.m. – 9 p.m.)

(iii) Kyogereko …….  Luganda interactive talkshow.

Peak-listening Information for commuters (News Headlines, Traffic, Weather, Business and Financial Report)

Interactive programming which welcomes listeners’ calls i.e. Radio Two is an “electronic meeting hall”.