Experts, players warn on low standards

Uganda National Bureau of Standards advises small and medium investors to learn to pool capital so that they can meet the required regulatory costs.
Deputy Managing Director Patricia Ejalu says most start-ups find government requirements too expensive, but says that those in the same locality, with a similar idea, can pool resources, and be able to build a strong brand.
She was speaking at the events organized by AG Quality Consultants, to mark the World Accreditation Day in Kampala.
Kilian Songwe, CEO AG Quality Consulting warned that the lack of standards affects the competitiveness of companies and the public sector across all production and services sectors.
He said the fast-changing business world will require that standards are given a priority, if one is to remain afloat.

Meanwhile, The President of the Uganda Chamber for Mines and Petroleum, Elly Karuhanha notes the low standards of the sectors that hope to benefit from the oil and gas industry. He says the industry requires maximum discipline due to the amount of money involved, the risks attacked to dealing in the products as among others.
He says there is a lot to do if the local Ugandans, be it welders, services like transport and logistics providers, are to benefit.