Coalition supports girl-child financial empowerment

A coalition of private sector and civil society groups, launch an initiative dubbed 365 savings challenge, to empower school girls financially.

They include the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Network of Women in Politics, Career Path and Centenary Bank, with the aim of equipping the girl child with financial literacy and savings starter-packs.

The project leader Anatalia Nambooze, says girls need to be encouraged to engage in activities that can in turn empower them financially.

The group thinks empowering the girl has a bigger impact on the family and national economies, according to Centenary Bank head of corporate affairs, Beatrice Lugalambi.

The project lead Ms. Anatalia Nambooze, said that the girl child needs to be encouraged to engage in some activities that can in turn earn them some money to realise financial empowerment.

I believe if we join efforts we can bridge the knowledge gap on saving through mentorship opportunities and creating more awareness through the campaign Nambooze Remarked.
Mrs. Lugalambi revealed that the bank as well contributed up to 50 million Uganda Shillings towards the women for her campaign.